A Story about Diversity and Love

This short story embarks with our main character, Timothy, innocently asking his school teacher, Miss Perkins. "What color is love?" Miss Perkins responds to Timothy's questions by exploring what our five senses reveal about the color of love. Timothy's imagination winds the reader through exciting adventures as Miss Perkins helps to uncover the truth.

Please support our journey to help children better understand diversity through fun storytelling. Our aim is to provide parents and guardians an opportunity to engage with their children about the importance and value of love.

As an added bonus, take time with your child to find the hidden heart on every page.

People are talking

Teacher Michele Smith reads to her class

The kids absolutely loved it and it gave way to a great discussion about what love is and means to each of us. It’s always so amazing to hear kids perspectives of things especially in relation to their lives, their families and God. This book is a wonderful book and all my students really enjoyed it!

Michele Smith

Baby Henry

“The kids love finding the hidden hearts!

Lauren Sarnwick



Author, Steven Stolte, and illustrator, Jennifer Alvarez, meet through a local app and quickly discovered they were neighbors and had a common passion for diversity and finding ways to deliver positive messages. They decided to collaborate and created, The Only Color I See Is Love. It is just the first of many projects the two have planned to work on. Each project has a message of inclusion and diversity through the eyes of a child and their unique perspective.

Steven Stolte Steve Stolte is a passionate writer who would like to change the world, one child at a time, by providing children with an opportunity to learn and ask questions about difficult subjects.
Jennifer Alvarez Jenn is a Chicago-based artist with a creative spirit and talent for painting and design. Visit Jenn’s Art Studio at jennifersArtStudio.com

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Here’s a sneak peek at some of the colorful pages…can you find the hidden hearts?